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Adding decorative landscape bark to your property will improve the appearance of your landscape by giving your yard a nice refreshed look. Traditional methods of spreading bark with wheelbarrows and shovels is a very messy, inefficient and time consuming approach. By leveraging our decorative landscape bark blower tucks there will be no piles of bark damaging your driveway or street and your bark project will be completed in a fraction of the time. Bark blowing is a safe, low impact approach to installing bark and eliminates the risk of damaging the existing landscape with wheelbarrow tire marks.

A Bark Blower Truck is a piece of equipment that can pneumatically deliver ground cover materials including bark, mulch, soil, compost and more. With our unique bark blowing process we can install decorative landscape materials on steep terrains and areas impossible to reach by wheelbarrow. 

Decorative landscape bark is widely used in residential landscapes for their many benefits, which include:

From start to finish, we leave no mess and take care of everything including delivery, installation and clean-up of overspray.

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