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Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services division supports construction and commercial landscaping companies.

The Applied Landscape Materials blower system lets us spread any quantity of organic materials in a fraction of the time you can manually apply those same materials. We can spread bark, compost, playground chips, and soil mixes for landscaping, lawn restoration, erosion control, and much more.

Mulch Blowing is a fast, economical, professional process that takes the work out of installing bark or mulch, all for less than the cost of hauling, shoveling, and spreading the bark yourself. Having your mulch blown-in will enable you to prioritize, reduce, and maximize what resources are assigned to what task.

Let us knock out the bigger time consuming mulch application jobs faster for you and free up your crews to focus on more profitable tasks. With us, you'll make more money and productivity will go up, all while completing the work on time.

Why partner with Applied Landscape Materials?

  • We have professional crews with vast knowledge and experience.
  • Save money by leveraging our volume mulch and bark “purchasing” strength (we buy in bulk).
  • We are a reputable, fully licensed (CSL #906546) and insured company.
  • Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • Our truck/trailer fleet is state-of-the-art. Our daily capacity is the best in the region.
  • We service the entire Bay Area with corporate yards in the Sacramento region, North Bay, and South Bay. No need to use different companies across the region and pay shipping charges.
  • Inaccessible sites are rarely an issue for us. We don't need to bring loaders and large equipment onto your job site, because we can work from the street or remote areas.
  • We’ve been providing our services to landscaping and construction companies for over ten years and we understand the end-to-end process. We excel at supporting your bark application needs.

Lastly, installing mulch and bark is what we do. It’s all we do!

ALM Calculator

Our minimum order is currently 40 cubic yards for residential locations. Need less than 40 cubic yards? We can still deliver! All job sites (commercial and residential) must be semi-truck accessible.

Use the calculator below to estimate your coverage amount.

Please Enter the dimensions of your materials area (in whole feet):

feet X   feet

Desired depth   inches

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Tip: How much “landscape” mulch do I need?

3” is the recommended depth for areas that have a base of bark down. If it is the first time you are putting bark down or it has been so long that you can see the roots of your trees and mostly bare dirt, then 4” is ideal to re-establish a base due to the uneven ground that is exposed.

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